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Understanding your vehicle and following some very basic maintenance checks and procedures will prolong the life and condition of your car.

Keys Road Auto Service are always happy to discuss any worries or issues you might have with your vehicle or help you understand how you can help maintain it in top condition.

To learn more about caring for your car and the components of your car simply click on the links below :

Dangers Of Worn Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are quite possibly the most misunderstood part of any vehicle's essential systems. Your steering, handling, stability,, ride comfort and brakes all count on your shock absorbers to function correctly...

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Drive Safe this Winter

We can help you understand any safety concerns which may need to be attended so that you can drive safe this winter with a 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report from Keys Road Auto Service and Repco Authorised Service...

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Clean Cabin Air Filters

Your car can contain over 10 times more pollutants than the air outside, so the longer you spend in a vehicle with a Cabin Air Filter that needs replacing, the more you are at risk of health complications...

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Right choice for New Car Service

It is a little known fact that you have the choice of where your vehicle is serviced, maintained and repaired, at competitive prices. Keys Road Auto Service can service your new car using quality parts and fluids, preserving your warranty…

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